Tile and Grout Cleaning is the most effective way to restore your flooring to original shine and keep your home clean.

You will be amazed with the awesome power of Dugginsr state of the art truck-mounted steam extraction system. Tile and grout cleaning is recommened every year as the best way to disinfect and deep clean your tile.

Duggins Services truck-mounted steam extraction cleaning system uses a patented solution that works with their equipment to leave your tile flooring looking and feeling clean again.

Most people think they naturally have dark grout lines. But not really. That’s dirt, germs, food, grease, oils and more.  Duggins has the powerful equipment needed along with safe solutions to blast away dirt, grime, and grease to leave you floors looking beautiful.

That depends! No surprise there. We keep our pricing fair and honest. The more information that you provide, the better of an estimate that we can offer.

We do NOT practice bait and switch.

What we discuss on the phone will be honored when we arrive at your home or business. Any additional cleaning areas, odor treatments and/or services that are added when the technician arrives will be at an additional charge.

We do not guarantee that ALL stains will be removed. 

How clean you tile is, after we are finished will depend on many factors such as: Time since last cleaning, grout type used, and whether or not a grout sealer has been used in the past.

We guarantee that we will do our best to remove your stains, but some stains may require additional work  or that may not be removed of which is not covered under regular cleaning prices.

Most of our solutions we use in our carpet cleaning process are non-toxic, baby and pet safe.  Ask your technician for more specific details.

Turn your ceiling fans on and your HVAC fan to help circulate the air and your tile floors should be dry within the hour.

We employee full-time, highly trained cleaning technicians with multiple years of experience.  Duggins employees the most qualified technicians in the Gulf Coast. Just read our reviews!

Keeping your tile clean is important. You should have your tile professionally steam cleaned at least every 12 months.

Yes, but keep in mind that unless you have the original grout that was used on the original installation, there is no perfect match for color. We cannot guarantee that a grout repair will always match the existing grout.