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How large is Duggins flooring showroom?

Duggins Services 2,000 sq ft showroom has a variety of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, wood tiles, vinyl plank, vinyl tiles, engineered wood floors, hardwood floors, laminates, carpet of all styles, sisal, seagrass, coir, Cheena, wools, and more.

Duggins also carries over 100k SQFT of instock select flooring!

Duggins Services is the Gulf Coast’s largest natural fiber dealer. Duggins Services has a wide variety of styles of flooring in an assortment of colors.

Most Duggins customers’s say there is too much to choose from. Stop by today and see the showroom!

What areas do you service?

We sell flooring in Milton, Pensacola, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Perdido, Cantonment and more. We install in all our products in the surrounding areas. 


Pros: Great for kids, pets, and highly trafficked homes. Tile is a very resilient flooring able to withstand water damage, pet urines, dirt, and grime. Easy to clean with vinegar and water. You can also have your tile and grout professionally steam cleaned. Installations can be straight lay, brick lay, staggered lay, herringbone, and more. Tile comes in an assortment of style, colors, and sizes. Tile in great in foyers, kitchens, baths, and utility rooms. Preferably install on concrete subfloors, but it can be installed over wood subfloor with extra precautions.

Cons: Repairs are not so easy to make. Unless you have the original tile and grout that was used, it may be hard to get a match. Careful with pots and pans, if you drop them they may damage your tile. As with most flooring, be sure to order extra to have laying around for repairs or additions, as flooring manufacturers tend to drop lines to allow new styles. Tile has a tendency to be cooler as far as temperature.

Pros: Some types of wood flooring systems can be sanded and refinished.  Natural looking and long lasting. Creates the illusion of a larger space. Hypo-allergenic when kept clean. Create a warm and inviting area, and is warmer than tile with temperature. Can be installed over wood or concrete subfloor systems.

Cons: Careful with pet accidents as urine can cause permanent staining. Excessive moisture from spills or pets can cause permanent damage. Woods come in different hardnesses, make sure to choose a harder wood to withstand dents and dings.

Pros: One of the least expensive flooring systems to purchase and install. Can be installed with premium underlayments to sound solid like real hardwood floors. Easy installation with locking systems. Can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors. Scratch resistant.Most manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty on laminates.

Cons: Cannot handle any amounts of moisture, which causes permanent damage. Is not easily cleaned, as you can only use a lightly damp mop or rag. Repairs require removal of the entire floor up to the damaged area. Laminate flooring can sound hollow if premium underlayment is not used. Lacks visual warmth compared to hardwoods. Look of the flooring does not look natural. Cannot be sanded and refinished.

Pros: Easy to clean using professional truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. Soft on your feet, easier on the body. Repairs can easily be made. Can be less expensive than wood or tile. Easily allows for colored inlays, or customized patterns. Stains can be removed easier than permanent wood stains. Multiple styles and color. Is a great insulator and creates a superb sound insulation properties.

Cons: Traps and holds allergens, mites, and dirt. Is not hypoallergenic. Carpet is not pet friendly. Must be restretched multiple times over the life of the carpet. Must be cleaned once a year for warranty validation. Most manufacturers require reapplication of ScotchGuard after steam cleaning. Liquid stains may cause wicking to occur if not cleaned immediately.

Pros: Hold up to traffic very well, as far as crushing is concerned. Some natural fibers are naturally stain resistant, others are not. Natural fiber flooring helps aid with controlling humidity in your home. Natural fibers are from sustainable resources such as cotton, or sisal, which is produced from the fibers of the agave cactus. Natural fiber flooring are biodegradable. Depending on what material you select, natural fiber carpets can be as soft and warm as synthetics, though some materials such as jute, sisal, and sea grass are a little rougher and more durable.e

Cons:  Cleaning can be difficult, and it can be a trapping place for dust, dirt, and food particles which result in odor.  Water damage is more of a problem with natural fiber carpets as well, which makes them a potential breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Pros: The spongy quality of vinyl flooring may prevent a glass from breaking if it’s dropped on the floor. While vinyl tiles are very easy to install on one’s own, getting the subfloor ready for installation can prove to be a difficult job. In order for the tiles to look their best, the subfloor needs to be free of all particles or they may show through the tiles in bumps and lumps. In addition, installing peel-and-stick tiles on a dirty floor will result in loose tiles quicker than you might expect.

Cons: Vinyl flooring  can prove  difficult to remove once it is installed. A sharp object can carve a gouge out of the surface if dropped. This is also a concern when it comes to moving furniture. Furniture pads needs to be installed on the feet of all furniture or moving the couch could result in scratching or gouging the tile or popping the tile off the floor entirely.