Carpet Steam Cleaning is the most effective way to clean and disinfect your carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning with our state of the art truck-mounted steam extraction system is the most recommended way to disinfect and deep clean your carpets. We do offer dry cleaning service upon request, but steam has been proven the most effective.

Duggins Services truck-mounted steam extraction cleaning system uses a patented solution that has an outstanding formula that eliminates those problems so the carpets stay cleaner longer.

That depends on the last cleaning you had.  Think of all of the places you walked today, public restrooms, work, parking lots, school, groceries stores and more. All of the allergens, dirt, bacteria and more are transferred inside your home on to your carpets. This is weeks of dirt and more sifting through the backing of your carpet, getting trapped in your carpets. Yuck!

That depends! No surprise there. We keep our pricing fair and honest. The more information that you provide, the better of an estimate that we can offer.

We do NOT practice bait and switch.

What we discuss on the phone will be honored when we arrive at your home or business. Any additional cleaning areas, odor treatments and/or services that are added when the technician arrives will be at an additional charge.

We do not guarantee that ALL stains will be removed. 

However, when the technician arrives, they will go over each stain with you and discuss what can and cannot be removed, what will lighten and what will not and what is set in the padding and only removable with pad replacement.

We are able to remove most staining with a regular steam cleaning. We use advanced stain removal solutions to help remove stubborn stains.

We guarantee that we will do our best to remove your stains, but some stains may require additional work that is not covered under regular cleaning prices.

Most of our solutions we use in our carpet cleaning process are non-toxic, baby and pet safe.  Ask your technician for more specific details.

Steam clean extraction leaves your carpet damp, but not saturated.  It takes between 4-6 hours to completely dry.

We employee full-time, highly trained cleaning technicians with multiple years of experience.  Duggins employees the most qualified technicians in the Gulf Coast. Just read our reviews!

Yes! Regular carpet cleanings keep your flooring as fresh and as new as possible.

The EPA recommends every 6 months if you have pets, or small children that spend time on the carpets.​  Check with your manufacturer for cleaning specifications to maintain your warranty.

ScotchGuard adheres to the surface and repel spills and stains from carpet fibers and upholstery.

Duggins offers a multitude of pet deodorizer enacapsulators that our technicians can add to your carpets to have your home smelling fresh again. 

Of course!  Our technicians are trained on tears, cuts, pulling and a multitude of other repairs. All carpet can be repaired. Just let us know what you need and Duggins can make it happen.

Yes. Over time with normal wear, some carpet will relax and cause the carpet not to be as tight as it was when it was installed. Our technicians use a service tool called a mechanical power stretcher to pull the carpets as tight as possible.