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Chances are your wood deck has provided lots of enjoyment and added beauty to your home over the years, but that won’t always be the case thanks to the constant abuse it receives from harsh elements like sunlight, wind, rain and extreme temperatures.

Lots of homeowners may lack the expertise necessary to keep their decks clean and looking as good as they did when they were first built. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to refresh and renew the beauty of your deck. Those do-it-yourself type homeowners may want to give these a try themselves, while others may prefer to simply call in the professionals from Duggins Services.

Cleaning and Sealing

The first step is to clean your deck using deck cleaner, which can be applied with a pump-up sprayer. Make sure to protect your skin and eyes from the strong chemicals in these cleaners. Let the cleaner sit for the time recommended by the directions on the cleaner you’re using.

The next step is to clean your deck with a pressure washer, which can be bought or rented from a home improvement store. This step can be a bit difficult for an amateur and may be a great time to bring in Duggins.

Once the deck has been properly cleaned you can start on any repairs needed, including driving in nails or replacing them with screws. Boards that have been badly deteriorated can be smoothed over with a sander.

After your deck has been cleaned and repaired, a clear sealer or tinted deck stain can be applied depending on whether you want to hide the grain of the wood or not. These can be applied using the same pump-up sprayer you used for the deck cleaner. You will want to use a paintbrush while the sealer is still wet to spread it out and work it into the cracks.

New Additions to Your Deck

To finish the project off consider purchasing some updated patio furniture, such as a table and chairs as well as other complementary products like a large umbrella or a sitting bench. Plants and flowers can also be added to brighten your deck, but be sure they don’t rest directly on the wood of the deck because excess water draining from these plants can cause the wood to rot.

Also consider including a weatherproof sound system and new lighting to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space, both day and night.

Leave it to Duggins

If you are still unsure exactly how to refresh your deck or simply feel more comfortable having a professional do the job for you, Duggins Services are the Escambia and Santa Rosa county experts to call.

Our expert technicians specialize in many areas including pressure washing services, staining, and finishing. They can help refresh your deck so it looks as good as new. We will be happy to provide you with a free, local estimate, just call or email us today!


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