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Keeping up with year-round cleaning is great, but it never hurts to give your home a really deep clean at least once a year, which is why spring cleaning is such a popular endeavor. Vacuuming regularly will certainly increase the longevity of your carpets, but most manufacturers require professional deep cleaning twice a year in order to validate the warranty, and if you have carpet in your home you certainly understand why.

There are always those carpet stains that simply don’t come out. High-traffic areas are inevitably tarnished by clinging dirt that just cannot be vacuumed away and, no matter how frequently you clean, there always seems to be more pet hair. In addition to being annoying, all this grime caught in your carpet may prove harmful to your health if not professionally cleaned.


When you think of mold, you may think of finding the black fungus in your bathrooms or in the walls of old houses. However, mold can actually thrive underfoot in your carpet. In particularly humid climates or places with frequent precipitation, the moisture from outside can become trapped in the carpet fibers. There, combined with the dirt tracked onto the floor, the moisture can promote mold growth that destroys the carpet and jeopardizes the health of occupants. A thorough, professional cleaning can kill mold spores and vacuum up the moisture to keep mold from taking root or returning.


Even if you absolutely do not allow shoes in the house, your carpet may be full of dirt and dust particles that get locked into the fibers. An excess of dust can eventually develop into a dust mite infestation without you even knowing it. These microscopic creatures can cause adverse reactions in humans if left untreated. Any stain remnants in your carpet may also breed bacteria and produce odors, even if it’s barely noticeable. Children and pets who spend the most time close to the floor are especially susceptible to the sediments in your carpet.

Indoor Air Quality

If you or a loved one recently had an increase in allergy or asthma attacks, it may be because of the sediment sitting in your carpet’s fibers. As you walk across your carpet or vacuum, the carpet fibers will release sediment into the air you breathe. Your indoor air quality can suffer from a dirty carpet, causing the coughing, sneezing and sniffling you may be used to hearing at home. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning to keep your family happy and healthy.

Let Us Handle Your Carpet Cleaning This Spring and Enjoy Like-New Carpet

There are two great things about calling Duggins Services to professionally clean your carpets this spring. First, it’s one less thing you have to deal with. Second, your carpet will look the best it has since it was installed, and you can rest assured it’ll be healthier and safer for your entire household.

To schedule your spring carpet cleaning, contact Duggins Services online or call 1-877-DUGGINS.

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